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When all the requirements for Safety & Health are met, mind is at ease. When the mind is at ease, the level of productivity & the leadership qualities surface. The focus and the ability to take informed decisions under stressful situations is enhanced.


Benefits of Workshops

Learn how to keep yourselves safe against any level of threat physically or mentally

Learn to respond in a stressful situation

Improve productivity & Critical decision making capability

Learn to defend your health by adpoting a better posture & mindset

Learn Qi Gong movements that can be done in your workplace to avoid discomfort and fatigue

Learn Situational Awareness & Psychological Combat

For Corporates & Organizations

Safe 360
Available On:
Offline & Online Platforms

Not just a Self Defense Workshop but a complete 360 degree approach towards Safety & Well-Being.

Stay Calm under Pressure, enhance Focus, take Constructive Corporate decisions by learning how to apply Martial Arts philosophy in your daily life.

Mind 360
Focus. Flow. Freedom.
Available On:
Offline & Online Platforms

Learn the ancient secrets of Mind & Body Connection used by sages and warriors. Inspired by the wisdom & philosophy of Japanese Samurais, Indian Yogis & Shaolin Masters this workshop teaches you be a True Master of your Mind.

Let no thought escape your awareness and only then will you be able to tap into the highest potential of Mind & Human Will.

For Schools & Colleges

Our workshops for young minds so that they can learn to live better, early in their lives

Available On:
Online & Offline Platforms

The Black Belt Mindset

(For age group 13-18)

With Black Belt comes power and with power comes responsibility.

The life lessons, morals & values of Martial Arts Master and Ancient Warriors for Self Defense & Protecting Others, Character Development, Leadership, Decisiveness & Bias towards doing the Right Thing and Learning from and Dealing with Failure. A true warrior defends themselves without hurting or causing harm to the attacker which means that one must have total control over emotions and actions.

We helps kids to develop sharp minds, strong bodies & compassionate souls.

Available On:
Online & Offline Platforms

The White Belt Mindset

(For age group 7-12)

The most important belt in any Martial Art is the White Belt because at the White Belt a student Learns how to Learn, How to deal with Failure, How to be a good Listener, How to stay focussed and acomplish their Task, How to push themself to Overcome any Challenge, Develop great Communication Skills and How to Work in a Team while respecting their Leaders, Seniors & Teachers.

It is important for kids of this age to be aware of Bullyproofing themselves and their friends, Good Touch & Bad Touch, Street Smartness and Situational Awareness.


Customers reviews

What people say?

This is to express our appreciation to Arun Sharma for imparting Street Survival Training for your employees. The training methodology and techniques was par excellence. The workshop was conducted with utmost professionalism and received a great feedback. We sincerely thank you for conducting this and boosting the confidence of our employees.
Shilpa Bhatnagar
Senior Manager (Human Resources), Genpact - Headstrong Capital Markets
Dear Mr. Arun Sharma, We Would like to convey our appreciation to you for successfully conducting Self Defense & Situational Awareness Workshop for our employees. We would like to acknowledge that the content of the training and it’s execution was to the satisfaction of all the participants. We appreciate your professionalism and expertise displayed in the training provided. It gave all of us a sense of empowerment & safety.
Sulbha Rai
Manager (Human Resources), Ernst & Young Services Pvt. Ltd.