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Train at the comfort of your own home without the need of any equipment or training partner, from anywhere in the world. Develop a strong foundation in the science of Functional Fitness, Martial Arts, Yoga & Self Defense with our Internationally Certified & Renowned Coaches and Masters.


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Safety  |  Health  | Mindset  | Fitness

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Before you purchase any of the pass, we recommend booking a free Trial Session with us to experience Movement & to meet our Experts.

After having great experience in your Trial Class, now it’s time for you to join the FMA Family and dive into the world of Movement.

Sessions included in the Pass

Safety  |  Health  | Mindset  | Fitness

Martial Arts

Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Filipino Kali & Wing Chun

Develop Self Defense & Fighting Skills in all ranges of combat with and without weapons helping you to protect yourself in various different street scenarios against single or multiple attackers.

Learn as per the ciriculum to be eligible for certifications & belt promotions.

Functional Fitness

Animal Flow, Bodyweight Training, Isometrics, TRX & Kettlebells Workout

Build strength & mobility which gives you the ability to perform better in day to day activities as well as in professional sports & competitions or just in your play time with your kids. Bring Mind & Body together by performing complex body movement patterns that not only enhance your physical but your mental abilities as well.

Yoga & Qi Gong

Pranayama, Asanas, Yogi Mindset, Energy Flow, Meditation

Unite your Mind, Body & Soul with the help of Yoga & Qi Gong. Enter the state of Mindfulness through Flow or Stillness.