TRX Suspension Training

TRX is a suspension training tool developed by a Navy Seal. It’s fun and versatile training tool which is safe and effective for people of all fitness levels. Suspension training works by engaging those tiny stabilizing muscles in your core, shoulders, legs, and back that are often ignored by traditional weight machines and dumbbell exercises.

Our TRX Class will develop your core and overall strength, joint stability & flexibility by utilizing functional body movements.

Strength & Conditioning

FMA’s Strength & Conditioning Class is a unique blend of training with Kettlebells, Battling Ropes, Monkey Bars, Tyres & Sledgehammers, Bosu & Stability Ball, Jump Boxes plus 30 other innovative training tools. We create a high intensity workout circuit which helps to develop your strength, conditioning and cardiovascular endurance to a whole new dimension. It’s like replicating the training of an elite Military Commando in a gym environment.

Our “S&C” Class will develop not only your physical toughness but also make you tough mentally. All the movements are highly functional which will translate into better movements and performance in your daily activities and sports.

Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a great way to tone your entire body and achieve an excellent cardiovascular workout. Our Cardio Kickboxing Class is super fun and high energy workout combining boxing, kicking and aerobics together along with some cool music to break sweat and release stress. Each set of punches and kicks pushes you to coordinate the motions between your arms and legs to improve overall coordination.

Hitting Focus Mitts, Thai Pads and Punching Bags will not only develop your joint strength but also teach you how to generate power by using your body efficiently. You will feel stronger each time you train in a group setting.

Outdoor Games & Bootcamp

Nothing beats the fun and energy of training outdoors with nature. Filling your lungs with fresh oxygen and working out under the sun is the best feeling you can ever get. FMA Fitness not only has a regular outdoor training every week for its members but weekend cycling group as well. We not only train outdoor but also play high energy games developing team work.

Playing Soccer, Frisbee, Sprint Challenges and Bootcamp circuits in an outdoor environment with other members will rejuvenate your mind and body.