Our Courses are approved by more than 5 International bodies and Certificates are recognised globally!

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Certification Courses

Our certification courses are perfect fit for Martial Arts Aspirants & Fitness Enthusiats whether they want to work on their own skills, want to build a career out of it or simply want to empower others.

There are literally no pre-requisites for you to start training. Anyone from any professional background & age group can enroll into the certification courses and expand their skills and knowledge.


Each Course Delivers

Ciriculums designed & approved by International Panel

Full Access to whole Course on signup

Access to Weekly Webinars & Master Classes

Monthly Live Counselling Sessions with Masters

Assessment Through Video Submission

Course Completion Certification

Physical Testing for Instructor Certifications & Belt Promotions

Access your Course from anywhere either via Browser or Android & iOs application

Featured Courses

BJJ Building Blocks
100+ Solo Movements | 18 Modules
₹ 4,999/-
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Now Available!

Develop Body Mechanics & Attributes through 100+ Solo Movements and understand their real time applications.

Begin your Jiu-Jitsu Journey by building a solid foundation with fundamental movements. We will support you all the way from White to Black Belt in BJJ.

Women's Self Defense
Coming Soon
Releasing On:
1st, Sept, 2021

Learn to Protect yourself mentally & physically and learn the techniques which work against Larger & Stronger attacker without relying on speed & strength. 

Learn Situational Awareness, Verbal De-Escalation Strategies, Striking, Grappling, Wall & Ground Pin Defense and Improvised Weapons.

Kettlebell Fundamentals
Next Batch Starting on:
1st, Oct, 2021

Carry your “GYM” everywhere!

Develop strength & mobility with the World’s Most Famous Russian Tool: The Kettlebell, popularised by master Pavel Tsatsouline.

One Kettlebell is all your need for a complete body training ranging from Strength Conditioning to Developing Balance and Mobility.

More Courses We Are Offering

Set a Goal and we’ll help you achieve it with programs for all ages & needs ranging from 1 Week to 6 Weeks.

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Coming Soon

BJJ White to Blue Belt

On your path to Black Belt, the White Belt is the most important belt in Martial Arts.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the First Step.”

If you are on this page, you are already a White Belt and now it is time to develop the skills required for the Blue Belt with the help of this Course.

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Coming Soon

Wing Chun Fundamentals

Learn the art of Close Quarter Combat popularised by Sijo Bruce Lee & Sijo IP Man. Created by a Woman for her personal safety, Wing Chun focuses on efficiency of movement and quick & evasive movements to finish a fist fight as quickly as possible while using the least amount of effort.

Coming Soon

Filipino Kali Stick Fighting

Learn the fundamentals of the weaponry art used by Filipinos to defend themselves against the Spanish Intruders. Starting from the foundation of Double Sticks & Single Stick fighting, the art transcends towards the Knife Combat and the technology of Bladed Hands.

Arun Sharma
Coming Soon

Rapid Assault Tactics

Learn the fighting system of US Navy Seals created by our Masters and trusted by over 100 Military & Law Enforcement agencie around the Globe. RAT teaches you how to fight in all ranges of combat with the concepts of Entry, Pressure & Termination. It includes the use of edged and impact weapons along with improvised weapons like a Tactical Pen and Car Keys.